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An international online magazine that publishes Surrealist poetry in English.

Issue One



Come Back in a Story

Today the dawn forgot
To wake me up,
As it usually does,
Because I wanted to know
How many seasons had passed
Since the moment my wings began to grow.
Come back in a story,
I heard myself scream.
A foreign voice, an alluring echo.

A Solitude Test

To be a mirror
No one
Looks into...

Translated from the Romanian by Oliver Friggieri and Diana Maria Nicolăescu

Ion Deaconescu was born in Tirgu Logresti in the Gorj County, Romania. He has been teaching literature at the universities of Bucharest, Craiova, Belgrade, Novi Sad and Skopje. Having made his debut as a poet in 1968, he is the author of many poetry collections, the latest being The Grace of Memories (2016), as well as of books of essays. He won multiple international poetry awards. His poems have also appeared in book form in translation to Italian, Hungarian, Turkish, Macedonian and Serbian, and his collection titled Sand Tapestries will soon be published by Honeycomb Press in English translation.

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