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Issue Five




      so what if the past has teeth
you still make way for the fabulous
collapse of daybreak
you make way for the ceaseless pantomime of scattered nightfalls
the secret radii of silences
when a great many things create vast open spaces
to offset their own presence
a gateway to the primeval forests

you cross the shadows with the same unseen afterglow
that haunts the night rain
you pause at the rift the great breach of seaways
the deeper you go
past the flowering display of divination
past the singularities as nude as glass
far beyond the lofty figures and their fluid veils
waterfalls lift their lace curtains
preach silence to the roar of the perspiring heavens
like stolen things peeking through the fabric of speech
as your fingers turn back to the fairy lights
an inverted rose its petals on their way
to extravagant depths
off to the lurking iridescence of the Earth
inside its gears quietly ticking a
time has been set

Alexander Romanovich lives in New York City. He has previously published a chapbook entitled Mythopoeia, as well as a volume of poetry entitled The Keeping of Lights (in early 2019).

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