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Emerald Bolts was an independent platform for flash fiction from Ireland and the rest of the world. After two successful years (2012 - 2014) and the publication of flash fiction by 27 writers from eight countries the editor feels that the e-zine has come to a natural end. Our website will continue to display all the published works. Many thanks to our contributors and readers!

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Jon Beight (USA)

Once the Bell is Rung

There was that fight. So long ago I can't remember the reason for it. In the end, I put a curse on the two of us. I wished you out of my life. You knew I didn't mean it, but you were hurt just the same. I tried to take it back, but once you ring a bell, you can't unring it.
     We got past it and went on with our lives. Days turned into weeks, into months, into years. They whisked by unnoticed, taken for granted.

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Tony Lindsay (USA)

Shop Smock Required

They are the only two girls in computer lab, and the two are not friends. Christine attempted a friendly conversation on the first day of class, but the forced smile Madelyn responded with crushed that beginning.
     Christine is not one to extend herself especially to girls like Madelyn who put how they look a head of everything else. Case in point, there is only one sink in the small bathroom, and Madelyn has been using the mirror above the sink to apply her make-up for the entire ten minute break. 

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 Kristen Holbrook (USA)


I used to be terrifying. Powerful. Everything fled when I stalked the land, made the ground tremble with the crash of my weight every time I took a step. Everything. Except her.
     She longed for power. Lusted for it. Told me so. So I told her no.
     That wasn't something you could say to Medusa.
     Now I'm stared at in museums. A decapitated, stone head. She'd done that.

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